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Are you a good candidate to get your license reinstated?

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The First Step to find out is you are a good candidate for a Drivers License Reinstatement is through a Drivers License Review.

You are probably in need of a license review if:

  • You don’t understand why your suspended or revoked.
  • What Driver Control is telling you about your license suspension doesn’t sound right.
  • You were told that you would be eligible for reinstatement at the end of your suspension period….and now your being told that you are revoked for some other reason.
  • You were told that you would be eligible for reinstatement upon payment of a traffic fine, and after payment of the fine Topeka is telling you now have another suspension on your record.
  • You live in another State and they won’t issue you a drivers license because of some license suspension in Kansas.
  • You have come to the point in you life that you are finally serious about out clearing up several years of neglecting your license problems.

Your Drivers License Review will give you what Kansas Driver Control can’t ………

  1. “Legal Advice” about what to do about your license suspension.
  2. A complete review that looks for errors by Driver Control, that may have improperly suspended your license. ( This happens more than you think ) Topeka doesn’t usually look for their own errors when reviewing your record by phone.
  3. A detailed description of what steps you may take to greatly shorten or eliminate your license suspension period. Many different suspensions can run at the same time ( saving you up to years of suspension ) if done properly.
  4. Things NOT TO DO that may have been recommended to you by Driver Control that may cause your license to be suspended for several years to come, and cost a lot of money to correct.
  5. A honest evaluation on the probability of reinstating your driving privileges, and the legal cost to start this process.
  6. Your license will be personally reviewed by Mr. Oswalt (who has over 20 years experience assisting Kansas Drivers ) followed by a phone consultation with you explaining your license status.

The cost for a Drivers License Review is $ 250.00, and the results from your review will usually be completed within three business days.

Or save time and money by ordering your review online. If you purchase your review online prior to contacting my office, your review will be only $200. Online purchase saves up both time, as I can provide NO information or advice about your drivers license until your report is reviewed.

And if you decide to pursue your license reinstatement within 30 days from the date of your License Review, your previously paid $ 250.00 License Review fee, will be applied toward any future legal fee to pursue your License Reinstatement.

Past reinstatement results are no guarantee of future reinstatement performance. Reinstatement of your driving privileges may depend on the number and type of convictions that you have on your record. And please remember, no drivers license reinstatement results are ever guaranteed.

Kansas Law requires a valid license. Daily life demands it.

“Let us know if we can help”

Meet Dick Oswalt, Attorney
Meet Dick Oswalt, Attorney
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