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"Driving While Suspended"
(90 day) license suspension

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Several problems occur if you are ticketed and convicted of a Driving While Suspended or Revoked charge.


It means you have a suspended license, which you may or may-not know about.  Remember ! Topeka requires that within 10 days of moving, you notify the Driver Control Bureau of your new address. ( Their not responsible for tracking you down, only mailing the suspension to the last known address you have on file with the department ). If you have moved, and not notified the department, you may not receive your suspension notice. ( This is the case with most of the drivers I defend).


A driving while suspended conviction will suspended your license for an addition 90 days, AFTER, you clear up the original reason on your driving record that has caused your license to be suspended, prior to this conviction.


A conviction of Driving while suspended/revoked will require that you maintain proof of automobile insurance ( SR-22 filing ) with the Driver Control Bureau for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months.


You will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of either $ 100 or $ 300, depending upon your driving record. (KSA 40-3118 (f))


This conviction is one of the three necessary convictions used by the Driver Control Bureau to revoke your drivers license under the Kansas “Habitual Driving Statute” for a three year period.


Fines & Criminal Penalties
All court fines, reinstatement fees, as well as the Criminal penalties (jail term) associated with a  conviction of this charge have not been discussed. Please consult with a legal council to fully explain all penalties and fines associated with a conviction for this offense.

( Three similar convictions within a 5 year period will revoke your license for a 3  year period under the Kansas, Habitual Driving statute, KSA 8-285, KSA 8-286 ).

Note ! There may be defenses to the charge of “Driving while Suspended” that you are entitled to by law. As with any serious driving charge, you should explore your legal defenses to this charge before being found guilty of this charge. There may be other Kansas laws you are subject to if you are charged under this law.


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